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Key Features:

Payload capacity up to 1800 g

Built-in wireless Bluetooth module

Compatible with most mirrorless cameras

Stronger Performance

The Crane V2 weights only 960g, with payload weight of 1800g. Feel free to draw inspiration from multiple lenses and mirrorless cameras!

Camera Mounting Plate

The original version of Crane had slots for sliding the camera base mount screw forward and backward and made for limitations when balancing some cameras.

However, new Crane V2 model introduces a universal sliding camera base plate, enabling easy accurate and faster adjustment of balance. Tool-less, quick balance adjustment

Thumbscrew design offers quick dismount of the camera, so you can complete all adjustments within a minute.

Control Panel

The control buttons of first version of Crane were distributed on both the front panel and on the right side of the joystick. The new Crane V2 has a more ergonomic integrated front only control panel and also provides an improved joystick button and separate mode button. Controlling the camera via this integrated interface makes operation more convenient.

Battery Improvement

The original Crane is compatible with an 18650 Li-ion battery, however, the Crane V2 works (only) with the new 26500 Li-ion batteries (x2), which now provide approximately 10-12 hours operating time. A new USB Battery charging module is also included.

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