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ITP c7 Led Flashlight


iTP C7 Cree 7090-XR-E Q5 Features
LED type: Cree 7090-XR-E Q5, life span up to 50000 hours  
Hard finish with Type â…¢ anodization
Half smooth, half orange peel aluminum alloy reflector
Battery reversed polarity protection: the circuit uses ideal diode technology, high credibility
Ergonomic design for various functions: anti-rolling, anti-shattering, water resistant, shockproof   
Unique infinitely variable digital-controlled brightness system, selects any output level from 6 lumens to 190 lumens with lockout memory feature
Working voltage, range from 3.0V to 8.4V
Powered by 2*AA batteries (not included)
Constant current output control system 
Forward switch, tactical version only
Built-in strap for carrying conveniently

iTP C7 Cree 7090-XR-E Q5 Specifications
Color: Black
Lumen: 190 lumens
LED emitter: Cree 7090-XR-E Q5
Lens diameter: 24.5mm
Length: 110.0mm
Net weight: 75.3g
Weight (including the packing): 104.0g