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Snagger Tools


The Snagger Tool is an innovative solution to problems every firefighter faces each and every day on the fire ground.

There are many challenges the Snagger can eliminate in simple and effective ways. The key is to have a small, light, strong, and convenient tool for situations encountered on a daily basis. With its anodized non-conductive "Hard-Coat", the Snagger can be used to remove drywall or wallboard in tight quarters, or rapid egress when necessary. It is designed to be carried in your bunker gear pocket and be available right when you need it. It limits the number of tools you carry to the fireground. 

Uses for the Snagger Include:

  • Handling charged line 38, 45 or 65mm (1 1/2, 1 3/4 or 2 1/2)
  • Supporting charged hose line on ladders
  • Hooking hand line in windows, up stair wells etc.
  • Breaking tempered glass safely
  • Removing drywall or ceiling board in tight quarters
  • Quickly removing a windshield
  • Coupling tool for any coupling, from forestry line to high volume with Storz fittings
  • RIT tool for faster rescue - Nance Drill
  • Rapid egress tool
  • Door Wedge or Gear Hook