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The Pedi-Sleeve quickly adapts standard adult backboards for pediatric immobilization of patients ranging in size from 12 lb. (5 kg) to 60 lb. (27 kg).

Repositionable, crescent shaped compressible head blocks, restraint straps, and a self-contained Pneumatic Positioning Device (PPD) ensure patients are secure and fully immobilized.

Rolls into a self-contained carrying case to store in small compartments, drawers, or under bench seats Crescent-shaped compressible head blocks allow access and visual monitoring of the ears while maintaining immobilization

Designed for infants and children ranging from 12 lb. (5 kg) to 60 lb. (27 kg)

Weight 3 lbs. 1.5 Kg

Load Limit 60 lbs. 27 Kg

Width 19.5 in 50 cm

Height 1 in 2 cm

Length 39.75 in 101 cm