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Scoopstretcher/Emergency Spineboard



Made of thermal treated polymer material there are four different lengths available depending on patient height.

It has a recessed head section to ensure the patient’s cervical alignment is protected.

It’s x-ray translucent, and it easy to use and clean.

The twin safety lock provides smooth locking and unlocking.

By setting a clutch at both ends, scoop stretcher can be easily divided into two parts; Scoop stretcher is suitable to transfer the catagmatic and seriously wounded;

Patients can be quickly on and off scoop stretcher without being moved;

The length of scoop stretcher can be adjusted to fit the height of patient;

A narrow-framed structure is applied for the coziness of patient's feet.

Strong, one-piece HDPE construction is 100% X-ray translucent 22 comfortable hand grip positions including two at the foot and head end.

Max Size: 214(L) x 42(W) x 7(H)cm

Loading Capacity: 200K